What Clients are Saying

Dearest Dr. Belasco,

Finding you (actually was referred by Diana) was a blessing. I would not have completed my dissertation without you. Many times I struggled and wanted to quit during the process. But you were always there to listen and game-plan our next steps. After speaking with you, I always felt like I had a chance, that we had won the battle and survived at least one more day—against the beast (dissertation). There are many editors who can help with the technical, which you provided as well. But you are more than that. There is no way to quantify your help! I cannot thank you enough. Your guidance and support along the way were the keys to our success. We did it!

Dr. Heriberto Arámbula

Dr. B is the best.

She takes the time to investigate each school’s expectations to remain aligned with each program.

She helped me answer questions when my committee was vague, expecting me to figure things out on my own. Her insight and coaching were paramount in my early days of dissertation writing as I went through two chairs who were not very experienced themselves.

I have also sent Dr. B. other novice researchers, knowing her skills and passion to the doctoral journey are true and a blessing to all who use her services.

Dr. Greg Potter, PhD Psychology

I was at the point of quitting my doctoral program due to the writing demands it required to complete the program…until I found Elizabeth. With her support and encouragement, I was able to complete my dissertation within a year and successfully defend my research. She was very familiar with the doctoral process and procedures, and I would highly recommend her as a partner for any writing task. 

Dr. Marie Heath

I cannot thank Dr. Belasco enough for her exceptional editorial work and constructive feedback. Her expertise, articulation, cooperation, and punctuality are unparalleled.

Dr. MM