Frequently Asked Questions

How can a dissertation coach help me?

In addition to the responsibilities listed above, we are your collaborative partner—a member of your team. Sometimes, we’re your sounding board. Sometimes, we’re your trainer or mentor. We can be your organizer, feng shui consultant, mechanic, tinkerer, or brain stormer…our raison d’être is to make sure you succeed! It’s who we are…it’s what we do.

Isn’t a dissertation coach the same as a dissertation editor?

No. While dissertation coaches do edit…editors don’t coach. Editors simply critique your writing and send it back.

Is it unethical to work with a dissertation coach?

Not at all. The work is yours. We help you work through challenges, we may suggest alternatives, we can provide additional literature resources, we can identify gaps in your writing or improve the logical flow of your arguments…but the work is yours.

Do you only work on dissertations?

No. We also work on books, peer-reviewed journal articles, CVs, resumés, application cover letters…pretty much anything that involves words!

When is a good time to get started with a dissertation coach?

Now. Regardless of where you are in the process, we bring decades of experience to the table. Our preference is to get started when you get started, but we can certainly join your team at any point in the process.

What specifically do you do?

The list is long! It’s easier to answer what don’t you do? The answer to that question is simple…the only thing we don’t do is write for you…we pretty much take care of everything else. Please see the Professional Services page for details on all the things we undertake.

How is a dissertation coach different from my chair or advisor?

The relationship between us is not biased by a power differential. We are your collaborative partner. We are only a text or phone call away. And it’s OK to tell us you don’t understand something because we’re not going to grade you or judge you. Our job is to help you reach the finish line.